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A Royal King visits Aptos

Written by John Hibble There are many wonderful stories about the history of our community. Some of them are true, some not-so-much, and some of them just need debunking.  One of these stories/myths is about King Kalakaua of Hawaii staying overnight at the Bay View Hotel. Supposedly, His Majesty was coming to visit Claus Spreckels […]


Hideout Reopens

Egyptian and Greek mythology, and the Harry Potter fantasy series, refer to a Phoenix bird that dies by bursting into flame and is then reborn from its ashes. Therefore, phoenix would be a good description of the Hideout restaurant at 9051 Soquel Drive in Aptos. The Hideout is the latest restaurant incarnation in a historic building that dates back to 1927



by John Hibble The more things change, the more they remain the same. Today, a school impact fee is charged to developers and home builders to support local school districts. During the early years of statehood, Aptos land owners donated land and paid for the building of the first schools. Rafael Castro, the first owner […]

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